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released May 2, 2013

Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2013.05. BYE BYE BADMAN
Distributed by SUNDAYDISCO!
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved



Singing Loving LaLaLa ~
is a South Korea based independent label founded with the following motto – “those who writes music, and consumes music are all musicians.”
We specialise in online distribution and promotion in S. Korea.
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Track Name: Panda
I hear your voice around the corner
If nobody wants you to come out
whisper in my heart

I hear you though you're not next to me
Yes, I'm sneaking out with little Panda
who has secrets all the time

I hear you over and over
Speaking my name out loud
Come into my heart

When I saw your face for the first time
Everything could change my life as a blue bird in the sky

She just won't let me go somewhere
Yeah I don't really wanna go
She pretends to be someone else
but it doesn't matter anymore

She's just my little Panda
I love her all with my heart

They never understand that she's been my girlfriend
I can't move my feet since she's been my girlfriend

They never understand Panda really loves me
Track Name: Swimming pool
처음 본 순간
난 네 의미를 알아버렸어

날 위한듯한 노래

Oh, everyday I hear you singing in the swimming pool

매일 밤
넌 환상에 빠진 것 처럼
말 없이 춤 추네

Oh, everyday I see you dancing in the swimming pool

뜨거웠던 어젯 밤
그 차가운 물 속에
떠 다니던 목소리가 날 울려와

하지만 난
울고 있는 널 삼킬 때면
혼자 있는 것 같아
이제 그만 널 떠나 버릴 수 밖에 없다고 말해도

우리 둘만의 노랜
사랑을 꿈 꾸네
우리 둘만의 노랜
귓가에 헤엄치네

Oh in my mind we're dreaming
Everyday I see you dancing in the swimming pool
Track Name: Arrow
순간 들린 것 같아
내 모습이 무너진 것 같은데
모두들 제 자리를 지키네

잠깐 보인 것 같아
내 모습이 아니라 믿는데도
난 천천히 그 뒤를 따르네

조심스런 얼굴로 다시 얘길 해도
변하지 않는건 나 뿐야

오, 난 틀린게 아냐
굳어버린 이 순간이 날 흔들어
여기 던져진 것 뿐이야

걱정스런 얼굴로 다시 얘길해도
변하지 않는건 나 뿐야

낯 익은 속삭임이 날 스며들곤 해
날 부른 목소리가 다시 날 생각에 잠기게 해

마지 못해 건낸 그 말 들과
참지 못해 적셔진 눈망울
새 하얗게 타버린 일기와
놓지 못해 떠나간 이들
꿈결 같은 날들은 흘러
내 등 뒤로 끝내 떨어지네

오,난 끝난게 아냐 내 마지막이 올 순없어
모두 귀를 막은 채 비웃네

굳어버린 얼굴로 한번만 얘길해줘
변할 수 없는건 나뿐야
Track Name: Monster
When I looked in the mirror
I felt something's wrong between us
To find solutions I tried to chase your broken dreams

Maybe it's the only way to keep your secrets
Secrets that you were born to be a monster

But you're saying 'I did the best to forget the sorrows of the past'
We're walking down this aisle
Meaninglessly deep and wide
I don't know what to do

Don't be afraid, my love
I'll give you all my heart until the night I die

Is it too late to change the whole thing in this life?
I had to hold you tight when I saw you in the morning light
Beyond the stars
It's not your time to die
Just follow me around
Track Name: Strange love song
언젠가는 멀어져 버릴 사랑이어도
난 필요해
멀찌감치 보일 듯한 니 얼굴이 아직 선명해

멍하니 선 채
우릴 가르는 말들만이 맴도네

넌 미워해
난 생각해
내 맘을 열어 확인해줄래

하지만 너무 쉽게 넌 떠났네
식어버린 하늘 저 멀리
내일이 오면 다시 널 볼 텐데
왜 자꾸 난 꿈에서 깨

이젠 말해줄게
내 손을 잡아줄래
누구도 우릴 막진 못해
Track Name: Because i want to
I've heard about the dream you've been chasing
Now it's on the ground
And if it's useless for somebody else
It's precious to my brighter days with you
I'm not afraid of being gloomy man

You know I'm wasting the time have been waiting for somebody else
who needs to figure out what they feel immune to all the sadness
from being alone it the dark
I bet it is the obvious way to make us smile all the time

Having fun,
having trips with my best friend
Forget the past
We are so reckless

Having fun,
and using bad language
I'll do it all
Because I want to

Yeah, I decide to leave this town
Just packed a bag, I'm in a hurry
Last kiss to my mom and say goodbye
Leaving all the past behind the door
I know where to go, but you don't know
There ain't no way to convince the others
Can't hold my tears and then I cry
I leave them before they leave me